Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doggie Daycare

Mocha is really excited because I mentioned to her that London ( a fellow labradoodle) is coming over for doggie daycare today!!
I pick London up this morning- take him for morning group walk at Bronte Provincial Park and then he spends the day in my home. 
Labradoodles are a joy- they have so much character and actually seem to have a sense of humour!
I walk 2  Labradoodles and 2 Goldendoodles- one thing is for sure- they have a ton of energy!!!!!!!  Did I mention my whole life has changed since Mocha came into my life???

Loving my crazy Doodle,



  1. Vicky - London loves spending time at your house and he is SOOO exhausted when he gets home..! Yeah!! (Although he is actually a goldendoodle rather than a labradoodle)

    Cara (London's "Mom")

  2. Oh my goodness, sorry about that!!! Laura loves him so much she wants a doodle now!!!!!